Drinks Manufacturer

Project Description:



____Drinks Manufacturer (DM) had been one of the most important and largest in Mexico. Having a vast distribution experience, DM had been able to be present in thousands of point of sale establishments throughout Mexico and other international countries. The popularity and brand recognition of its products created a high level of demand for their product in the US, which challenged their logistics infrastructure to service the US market. They needed to establish a relationship with a company that understood the US and Mexico cross border business.



  1. The customer needed a strong distribution and logistics network working with the latest technology.
  2. They needed to find a logistics partner which perfectly understood the cross border activity.
  3. It was important to consolidate all the customer’s activities into one logistics partner based in the US.
  4. The client also needed a provider with flexibility and the capacity to handle large value added service projects, such as relabeling and repackaging in a cost effective manner.
  5. Finally, another important issue was to be able to control, trace and recall every single package coming into the US.



  1. Source Logistics’ (SL) infrastructure, technology and services provided the best options for DM’s future growth plans.
  2. Daily conferences took place in order to measure the progress of their multiple goals. Some of the goals that were discussed included goals for hiring, training personnel and infrastructure preparedness.
  3. Source Logistics’ understanding of cross border activities and the Hispanic market made it possible for them to implement the perfect logistics strategy.
  4. SL contracted additional space on a temporary basis and set up the area to re-label 7 million cans. This additional space was also used to place 15 million labels in pet bottles and tetra brick.
  5. Source Logistics coordinated 3 shift teams to keep productivity running and to ensure they accomplished their goal of finishing within 13 weeks.
  6. SL developed a special Dynamic Pallet Allocation Program to gain efficiencies by linking to their WMS technology, which gave them complete visibility of their products in the supply chain and on Source Logistics’ yard.
  7. SL established quality control teams for the labeling and re-packaging in heat tunnels for finished products. SL maintained control, visibility, and traceability of every case while containing damage within a 0.1 % error margin.



____After the implementation process, DM worked with Source Logistics to establish a complete logistics solution that gained full visibility and traceability of their supply chain for products coming from Mexico, Europe and Asia into the US. They set up a lean and effective operation with Source Logistics as a single partner for their solution, which included utilizing the Laredo, Los Angeles and New Jersey warehouses. Source Logistics’ transportation services and technological platforms have been key ingredients to growing this business.